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The college has given immense thrust and priority to its objective i.e. to educate and empower young minds. The college has set for itself the realistic aim of educating students with the view to enhance employability. The Covid 19 Pandemic and the lockdown resulted in unprecedented disruption to every aspect of life especially education. The Covid 19 pandemic has triggered new ways of teaching and learning .Online teaching and learning tools are being used extensively in education. The concept of education has been thoroughly transformed with its emphasis on online learning. The college has risen to face Covid 19 challenges. The college has been looking toward online learning platforms to continue with the process of educating the students. This entirely new way of education through online mode has been applied not only to academics but also to extracurricular activities. The sudden outbreak of Covid19, challenged the education system and forced educators to shift to online mode of teaching. Keeping in view the need of the hour, the college created strategies for delivering the lessons more efficiently and ensuring an uninterrupted learning for students. Various forms of online teaching modes were adopted. Both teachers and the students embraced digital learning experience. The teachers prepared and trained themselves to get accustomed to the technology required for online teaching. They have been using a number of online platforms as well as E-resources to deliver lectures, beyond traditional text books. They have enhanced their capacity by developing teaching techniques which are learner centric and participatory. Online teaching has enabled the teachers to reach out to the students more efficiently and effectively through platforms like whatsapp , zoom , Microsoft team etc. Online teaching has allowed students to attend classes from any location of their choice. It enables the students to access the learning material at a time of their comfort. It has also created a paperless learning environment which is more affordable and eco-friendly. Online teaching mode has also provided a feeling of psychological safety to the students and their parents. College has made a sincere effort to reach out to every student during admission process, online classes and examinations, so that no student is deprived of education. The college has organised several events in online mode. A webinar on “ParadigmShift from Offline to Online Teaching” was organised by the department of Computer Science and IQAC. A three-day FDP on Online teaching skills was organised by the same department to help teachers to sharpen their skills and to enhance the effectiveness of online teaching. A three-day webinar on solutions for health problems caused by online education was organised by department of Home Science.Several national webinars (One-day/ three-day), which witnessed participation from far and widewere organised. Online quizzes for students were also conducted by various departments of the college. The college has effectively and successfully incorporated the E- learning technology into teaching practices. Due to constant engagement in online activities, the students have developed a positive attitude towards online learning.

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