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Education of a girl child is one of the key areas on which the college works diligently. The college recognises the importance of educating a girl child. It firmly believes in the dictum that if a girl child gets educated, it benefits society. Educating a girl child has always been the primary concern and the priority of DAVCMC, New Delhi. As it is a part of its vision, its institutions make all out efforts to educate girl children. KRM DAV College, Nakodar, taking a cue and guidance from the vision of DAVCMC, New Delhi has too taken upon its shoulders to pay special attention to the education of a girl child. Since its inception, the college has geared itself to this goal.

The college started a girls’ wing to cater to the education of girls. Nakodar being a conservative town, parents preferred to send their daughters in an institution exclusively meant for girls. To meet this demand of the residents of the town, the college set up a separate wing for the girl students and ran it successfully for several years before opting for co-education mode of education . Most of the girls students who got education from the college scaled new heights, with the list of their achievement is exhaustive. The college feels proud of the fact that it has produced women of great calibre. Ms Vina Gumbar, a renowned gynaecologist of the town ,is a product of the college.

Other women achievers who made the college proud are: One of our girls students who joined army has made both the town and the college proud when the local administration named a street ( Sonia Arora Street) after her name. The college does everything that it can do to help girls children seek higher education. Every kind of facility is provided to the girls and an aggressive campaign is launched both inside and outside the classroom to educate masses about the significance of educating a girl child. To boost the confidence of girls students, the college provides them a wide range of opportunities. They are nominated as secretary of students council besides giving them an opportunity to express their views on a variety of issues. The whole exercise is undertaken to empower girls.